AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-11Kernel 5.2 supportrunnytu
2019-05-07Update for support Kernel 5.1runnytu
2019-03-05Update for support Kernel 5.0runnytu
2018-09-23Update for support Kernel 4.19runnytu
2018-02-06Update for support Kernel 4.15runnytu
2017-05-17Update kernel 4.11 compatibilityrunnytu
2016-12-16Changes soruces to githubrunnytu
2016-06-08Update to v4.0.2_9000-11runnytu
2016-03-06Delete the install file to only use pacman hooksrunnytu
2016-02-17Blacklisted the new rtl8xxxu kernel 4.4 upstream driverrunnytu