AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-03add aarch64Mark Wagie
2021-08-27fix typoMark Wagie
2021-08-271.4.0Mark Wagie
2021-06-04build: update to 1.3.1GitGangGuy
2021-05-17Update to 1.3.0Iyán Méndez Veiga
2021-03-22Update to 1.2.1Iyán Méndez Veiga
2020-12-18Fix dependenciesIyán Méndez Veiga
2020-12-18Update to 1.2.0Iyán Méndez Veiga
2020-05-30Update to 1.1.4Iyán Méndez Veiga
2020-05-15Add conflicts to force transition from old package nameIyán Méndez Veiga