AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysAdd conflict with -git packageTasos Sahanidis
2023-01-10Add python to makedependsTasos Sahanidis
2023-01-09Update to latest upstream releaseTasos Sahanidis
2023-01-09Remove extraneous install scriptTasos Sahanidis
2020-12-16PKGBUILD Update, gnome-control-applet added to optdependslinuxer
2020-11-22PKGBUILD updatelinuxer
2020-10-20Release Update to force rebuildslinuxer
2020-09-18Updated PKGBUILD and project sourceslinuxer
2017-11-08Added --enable-compile-warnings=no to PKGBUILD, thanks to @JohnRobson & @dans...Lucas SaliƩs Brum
2015-07-18Initial commitTobias Frilling