AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-31Fix issue affecting posix-compliant systems when running scriptMusikolo
2019-05-29Update to version 4.2.10Musikolo
2019-01-16Reset pkgrel to 1Musikolo
2019-01-16Update to version 4.2.9Musikolo
2018-10-29Add post-install message for bcompare-kde5 to explain how to make it workMusikolo
2018-10-29Update to version 4.2.8Musikolo
2018-10-29Update to version 4.2.7. Integrate new KDE5 dynamic service menus (still not ...Musikolo
2018-09-15Fix Help->Contents option not workingMusikolo
2018-07-14Better description for KDE packagesMusikolo
2018-07-13Upgrade optional dependencies commentsMusikolo