AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-04bgpq3: Use the patch for 0.1.35, not the one against the git trunkRemi Gacogne
2020-10-04bgpq3: Honor DESTDIR and CPPFLAGSRemi Gacogne
2018-12-03bgpq3: Update to 0.1.35Remi Gacogne
2017-12-03Add the README to the package, remove useless srcdir, drop i686Remi Gacogne
2017-01-01Bump to 0.1.33Remi Gacogne
2015-08-01Update bgpq3 from 0.1.29 to 0.1.31Remi Gacogne
2015-06-14Initial importRemi Gacogne