AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysAdd mime-types optional dependencyAlice Gaudon
12 daysBump to version 2.3.0Alice Gaudon
2020-12-15Bump to version 2.2.3Alice Gaudon
2020-09-24Bump to version 2.2.0Alice Gaudon
2020-08-14caddy.service: fix XDG_CONFIG_HOME and Caddyfile pathAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Use go build flags for go commandsAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Bump pkgrelAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge pull request #7 from ArisuOngaku/caddyfileAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge branch 'master' into caddyfileAlice Gaudon
2020-08-06Merge pull request #6 from ArisuOngaku/remove-pkgverAlice Gaudon