AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysdo not build tests and examplesFrank Neuhaus
2019-04-26removed gcc-libs dependency, build as shared lib as suggestedFrank Neuhaus
2018-03-30update to ceres 1.14Frank Neuhaus
2017-08-07update to ceres 1.13.0Frank Neuhaus
2016-12-18updated to ceres 1.12 for compatibility with eigen 3.3.1Frank Neuhaus
2016-10-21removed protobuf dependencyFrank Neuhaus
2016-08-16explictly set LIB_SUFFIX for people who had problems with ceres incorrectly i...Frank Neuhaus
2016-05-18srcinfo updatedFrank Neuhaus
2016-05-18made small adjustments for gcc 6Frank Neuhaus
2016-03-10addressed commentsFrank Neuhaus