AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-15update to release 1.11.1 of cevelopFelix Morgner
2018-09-14updated to release 1.10.1 of cevelopFelix Morgner
2018-07-20updated to release 1.10.0 of cevelopMarcel Huber
2018-03-01fixes java9 cevelop startup issueMarcel Huber
2018-02-22cevelop fixup releaseMarcel Huber
2018-02-12cevelop oxygen service release update including cmake supportMarcel Huber
2017-07-18update to cevelop 1.8.0Marcel Huber
2017-04-21update to cevelop 1.7.1Marcel Huber
2017-04-20release update to 1.7.0Marcel Huber
2017-01-20release 1.6.0Marcel Huber