AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-12-05updte to split packageskwerlman
2022-11-01dont alter the real pkgbaseskwerlman
2022-11-01make into split package with cockatrice-server-gitskwerlman
2021-04-30add gmock dep; ignore zst packagesskwerlman
2021-02-15use git tags/hash in pkgver, dont rely on repo nameskwerlman
2021-02-01added xz optdep, updated pkgver to 2.8.0skwerlman
2020-11-09update srcinfoskwerlman
2020-11-09fix depends, add check()skwerlman
2020-10-24new maintainer; add missing dependskwerlman
2018-09-24Updated to latest versionethanrakoff