AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-25Version 0.82.002Nick Burrett
2017-07-10Install comskip-gui only if it was builtNick Burrett
2017-05-12Add comskip-gui to the packageNick Burrett
2017-05-12- Bump epoch to 1 to that the package version aligns with the software versionNick Burrett
2017-04-02- Add makedepends for gitNick Burrett
2016-09-18Remove dependency on ffmpeg v2.8. Latest sources build withNick Burrett
2016-03-25Fix upsteam URLNick Burrett
2016-03-25Comskip only builds with ffmpeg 2.8Nick Burrett
2015-12-21Initial commitNick Burrett