AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-11Update to 2.3Mike Pento
2020-12-02update to 2.2Mike Pento
2020-03-07updated to 1.90Mike Pento
2019-12-15Added FILESDIR to make command line, cleaned up SRCDIR warningsMike Pento
2019-11-17Updated to 1.89, updated make command lineMike Pento
2019-08-17fixed type in conflict, add .gitignoreMike Pento
2019-07-01Update to 1.88Mike Pento
2019-05-21Update to v1.87Mike Pento
2019-02-09Upgrade to 1.86Mike Pento
2018-10-21Update to 1.85Mike Pento