AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-29Bump pkgver.Chris Fordham
2018-10-11Bump.Chris Fordham
2018-10-11Remove apparmor-libapparmor makedep; remove binary-commit usage.Chris Fordham
2018-10-11Add more convenient make targets.Chris Fordham
2018-05-23Add basic readme with usage.Chris Fordham
2018-05-23Add a basic Makefile.Chris Fordham
2017-12-02device-mapper should be a makedepend and optdependChris Fordham
2017-11-14Fix use of version for the package as moby/VERSION no longer used upstream.Chris Fordham
2017-10-15vndr as optdependChris Fordham
2017-10-15Include packaging tini.Chris Fordham