AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-11Dooble 2019.09.09 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-07-112019.07.07 updateFrederic Bezies
2019-03-16Update to new versionBalló György
2018-01-29Replace old dooble with the new oneBalló György
2017-01-26Update package release to 1.56c-2Mattias Andrée
2017-01-26Update to 1.56cMattias Andrée
2016-11-21Update to 1.56bMattias Andrée
2016-07-07Update to 1.56aMattias Andrée
2016-05-04Update to 1.56Mattias Andrée
2015-11-10Update to 1.55Mattias Andrée