AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-02-04update mirrorsSlashbunny
2016-12-31Fix mirrorSlashbunny
2014-12-20Fix mirror, quote strings with variables, add gitignore file for sourcesSlashbunny
2012-07-26Updated doom source url to a faster mirrorSlashbunny
2012-02-14Added localization instructions to doom3 .install fileSlashbunny
2012-02-03zip is needed as part of the build processSlashbunny
2012-02-01Update per AUR commentsSlashbunny
2012-01-30Updates to doom3 from AUR threadSlashbunny
2011-12-14Added openal to i686 depsSlashbunny
2011-12-05Update doom3 PKGBUILD to build from source codeSlashbunny