AgeCommit messageAuthor
39 hoursAdd new templates and packs foldersFlorian Maunier
4 daysUpgrade to preview 8Florian Maunier
2019-07-24Upgrade to preview 7Florian Maunier
2019-06-14Upgrade to preview 6Florian Maunier
2019-05-07Upgrade to Preview 5Florian Maunier
2019-04-19Upgrade to preview 4Florian Maunier
2019-03-07Upgrade to preview 3Florian Maunier
2019-03-01Upgrade to preview 2Florian Maunier
2018-12-05use upstream binary release until source-build is fixedFlorian Maunier
2018-12-05initial commitFlorian Maunier