AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-18no need for /run dirDave Simons
2016-03-18arch: any - should work on any platform as long as terminal interprets OSC es...Dave Simons
2015-07-10install bash/zsh completionsDave Simons
2015-07-10move runtime files to /run instead of /var/run, reflecting changes in the arc...Dave Simons
2015-07-10fix licenseDave Simons
2015-07-10use short commit hashes for version nrDave Simons
2015-07-10set license to NoneDave Simons
2015-07-10reset pkgver to 0Dave Simons
2015-07-10add gitignoreDave Simons
2015-07-10initial commit - dynamic-colors-git pkgbuildDave Simons