AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-17Update dependencies.Steven Malis
2020-12-14Update to version 1.16.0.Steven Malis
2020-12-03Force python 3.9 rebuild and add optional json dependencies.Steven Malis
2020-05-31Switch to new bitcoin-supporting fork.Steven Malis
2020-05-27Update to version 1.15.0.Steven Malis
2020-01-19Update to version 1.14.0.Steven Malis
2019-09-29Update to version 1.13.0.Steven Malis
2019-05-18Fix checksum and add websockets dependency.Steven Malis
2019-05-13Update to version 1.12.0.Steven Malis
2019-04-20Update to version 1.11.0.Steven Malis