AgeCommit messageAuthor
44 hoursEvelauncher version check function added.Jernuh Zakalwe
8 daysFixed a bug which prevent since version 1539902 the creation of a new EVE env...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-08-09Update to evelauncher version 1548102.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-08-07Update to evelauncher version 1543721.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-26Icon-cache refresh readded, but executed only, when an cache file exists.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-25Many changes under the hood to make the installation more flexible.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-24Update to evelauncher version 1539902.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-23Update to evelauncher version 1537866.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-23Remaining shared functions from launchscripts moved to evelauncher.shlib.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-21In function check_wine search for wine.inf removed, should be located at $pre...Jernuh Zakalwe