AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-31Upstream release 4.2.0Raphael Scholer
2018-06-04Upstream update + removal of additional pluginsRaphael Scholer
2018-02-11Upstream releaseRaphael Scholer
2018-01-03upgpkg: exfalso 4.0.0-1Bruno Pagani
2017-06-11Upstream updateRaphael Scholer
2017-06-03Make PKGBUILD python version independentRaphael Scholer
2017-05-28Add last missing optional dependencyRaphael Scholer
2017-05-28Fix inclusion of pluginsRaphael Scholer
2017-05-28Remove no longer needed commented lineRaphael Scholer
2017-05-28Include plugins againRaphael Scholer