AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-18Fix build issues. Again :)Sergey Shatunov
2018-05-18Fix build due to renaming makefile propsSergey Shatunov
2018-05-17Update to exim 4.91 and built default modules into main packageSergey Shatunov
2018-02-11Update to 4.90.1Sergey Shatunov
2017-12-24Update to 4.90Sergey Shatunov
2017-12-11Update to 4.89.1Sergey Shatunov
2017-10-08Fix libmysqlclient referenceSergey Shatunov
2017-04-27Update to 4.89Sergey Shatunov
2016-12-30Split pacakge to modulesSergey Shatunov
2016-12-26Update to 4.88Sergey Shatunov