AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-27Fixing SRC URLBrenton Horne
2020-01-27Changing to using scripts to determine URLBrenton Horne
2019-10-03Bumping to pkgrel 4Brenton Horne
2019-05-31Bumping to pkgrel 3, 5.fc30Brenton Horne
2018-09-21Bumping for updates to download URLBrenton Horne
2018-03-09Updating headerfusion809
2018-03-09Oops, rhver needed to be bumpedfusion809
2018-03-09Updating; 27.0.1-1->27.0.1-3fusion809
2018-02-16Changing as per morealaz suggestedfusion809
2017-11-24Desc F26->F27fusion809