AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-24Allow rebuilding with $srcdir from last buildMichael Lass
2018-04-07Update URL for parts dbMichael Lass
2017-09-13Update checksumMichael Lass
2017-04-09Don't produce error if parts dir already existsMichael Lass
2017-04-05Add fix for QT under waylandMichael Lass
2016-07-07Fix parts handlingMichael Lass
2016-07-04Update to a newer git revMichael Lass
2016-06-12Update to 0.9.3bMichael Lass
2016-01-30Connect .fzz files to fritzingMichael Lass
2015-06-08Initial commitMichael Lass