AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-07version 12GI_Jack
2017-03-06fwupdate: update to version 9-1Mirco Tischler
2017-02-11fwupdate: 0.8-2: add post install instructions and move EFI executable to bet...Mirco Tischler
2016-10-30fwupdate: update to version 8Mirco Tischler
2016-07-07fwupdate: update .SRCINFO as wellMirco Tischler
2016-07-07fwupdate: version 0.5-2: backports for API-changes in efivarMirco Tischler
2015-11-18fwupdate: version 0.5-1Mirco Tischler
2015-08-24fwupate: version 0.4-2: add gnu-efi-libs as dependencyMirco Tischler
2015-06-24fwupdate: version 0.4-1Mirco Tischler