AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-29autu: Update to 4.5.4-3 Long term compile fixChris Severance
2019-03-10autu: Update to 4.5.4-3 Switch to internal cloog islChris Severance
2019-01-18autu: Update to 4.5.4-3 Improved include fixChris Severance
2019-01-18autu: Update to 4.5.4-3 Restore include for g++Chris Severance
2017-09-13Update to glibc 2.26Chris Severance
2017-07-30Update for gcc 7.1Chris Severance
2016-08-06Fix conflictsChris Severance
2016-06-13Unified PKGBUILD, clean build on gcc 6.1.1+i686Chris Severance
2016-06-07Fix x64 compileChris Severance
2016-01-04Quick fixChris Severance