AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-17Add maintainer tagXiretza
2022-01-17Use HTTPS instead of git:// for source transportXiretza
2022-01-17Export ADA_FLAGS to enable debug packagesXiretza
2022-01-17Update dependenciesXiretza
2021-08-29Add version do check dependency python-pyvhdlmodelAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-08-21Update checkdependsAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-05-09Do not install ghwdump to avoit conflicts with gtkwaveAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-04-26Fix license and architecturesAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-03-23Check updateAdrien Prost-Boucle
2021-03-03Fix gcc-ada dependency + add optional check dependenciesAdrien Prost-Boucle