AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-30namcap cleanupQue Quotion
2019-03-20Update ubuntu version number; use _ instead of +; explain notify-notification...Que Quotion
2018-09-29Backport notify-notification-close fix from upstreamQue Quotion
2018-09-25Standardize pantheon pkgbuildsQue Quotion
2018-09-25Switch to 'os-patches' git repository versionQue Quotion
2018-09-23Add libnm to makedepends()Que Quotion
2018-09-21Add meson to makedepends()Que Quotion
2018-08-30Update source urls for move to gitlabQue Quotion
2018-03-213.17.91 is no longer available from the PPA; 3.28.0 has landed in bionicQue Quotion
2018-03-17Fix building standard release version (_use_ppa=false)Que Quotion