AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-15Update to 10.5.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2016-08-22Updated to 10.4.0-1455.24Massimiliano Torromeo
2016-06-07Updated to 10.3.0-1447.15Massimiliano Torromeo
2016-02-02Updated repo urlMassimiliano Torromeo
2016-02-02Updated to 10.2.0Massimiliano Torromeo
2015-06-09Fixed /src and /pkg in .gitignoreMassimiliano Torromeo
2015-06-09Add git ignored patternsMassimiliano Torromeo
2014-08-04Updated HP packages for ProliantMassimiliano Torromeo
2012-10-17Rebased hp packages on the redhat versions that are more updatedMassimiliano Torromeo
2012-10-17Implemented packages for HP Proliant administration and diagnostic toolsMassimiliano Torromeo