AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-03bump versionJulian Brost
2019-02-17new version scheme using the last released versionJulian Brost
2018-02-24bump version and update .SRCINFOJulian Brost
2018-02-24update maintainer/contributor header in PKGBUILDJulian Brost
2018-02-24add dependency to libsystemdJulian Brost
2018-02-24add comments to package() and add another sanity checkJulian Brost
2018-02-24create system user and groups using systemd-sysusersJulian Brost
2018-02-24move tmpfiles.conf to separate fileJulian Brost
2018-02-24merge split packages into one packageJulian Brost
2018-02-24update backup array and check it for consistency in the build processJulian Brost