AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-17Initial commitBrenton Horne
2020-06-17Initial commitBrenton Horne
2020-06-11Update to 0.32.0Iyán Méndez Veiga
2019-06-29Add version requirement for jupyter-metakernelIyán Méndez Veiga
2019-06-27Change source to Github repo & distutils instead of pipIyán Méndez Veiga
2019-06-27Update to 0.31.0Iyán Méndez Veiga
2017-01-02remove python-oct2py from dependenciesrenyuneyun
2016-12-23update to 0.19.9renyuneyun
2016-12-19update to 0.18.0renyuneyun
2016-12-04forgot to update pkgrelrenyuneyun