AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-01-30Undid change to FLAGS, but left option in PKGBUILD to toggle by userEdmund
2024-01-17Updated SPDX license. Patched CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. Added glibc dependency.Edmund
2024-01-17Updated license to SPDX formatEdmund
2023-10-17Corrected syntax in libcs50.installEdmund
2023-10-17Removed old checksum linesEdmund
2023-10-17Added clarification to libcs50.install fileEdmund
2023-05-02Updated to 11.0.3 - Nothing new for ArchlinuxEdmund
2023-01-13Moved 'clang' from 'depends' to 'optdependends'Edmund
2023-01-13Added 'clang' as a dependencyEdmund
2023-01-11Changed licenseEdmund