AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-12version bump, hiscore.dat: fix set renames, other updates and fixesOliver Jaksch
2019-06-20Huge bunch of updatesOliver Jaksch
2019-02-22Update to latest commitsOliver Jaksch
2018-09-11Version bump, srcclean and manual fixupOliver Jaksch
2018-08-17Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-08-09Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-04-25Various updatesOliver Jaksch
2018-03-23Fixed undefined symbol by using Enverex' suggestion to buildOliver Jaksch
2018-03-19Fixed compiling with aur helpers. Thanks, Enverex!Oliver Jaksch
2018-03-17Bunch of updatesOliver Jaksch