AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-29update to 4.16.12Cyano Hao
2018-04-06update to 4.15.15Cyano Hao
2018-04-04update to 4.15.14, merge config from Arch Linux 32 projectCyano Hao
2017-11-15update to 4.14.0Cyano Hao
2017-11-06updated to 4.13.11Cyano Hao
2017-10-23updated to 4.13.9Cyano Hao
2017-10-21updated to 4.13.8Cyano Hao
2017-10-16updated to 4.13.7Cyano Hao
2017-10-14updated to 4.13.6Cyano Hao
2017-10-12update to 4.13.5Cyano Hao