AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-15bump to 4.19.15_rt12-1Joakim Hernberg
2019-01-11bump to 4.19.13_rt10-1, use only source tarballs instead of the archlinux ker...Joakim Hernberg
2019-01-08bump to 4.19.10_rt8-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-09-25bump to 4.18.7_rt5-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-08-04bump to 4.16.18_rt12-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-07-29bump to 4.16.18_rt11-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-07-08bump to 4.16.18_rt9-rtJoakim Hernberg
2018-06-20bup to 4.16.15_rt7-1Joakim Hernberg
2018-05-31bump to 4.16.12_rt5-1 and fix a gcc8 problemJoakim Hernberg
2018-05-19bump to 4.16.8_rt3-1Joakim Hernberg