AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysPKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.72_rt26.David Runge
8 daysPKGBUILD: Adding linux-firmware to optdepends (base is now a meta-package).David Runge
12 daysPKGBUILD: Rebuilding against glibc 2.30.David Runge
2019-09-24PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.72_rt25. Updating url to linuxfoundation wiki.David Runge
2019-07-31PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.59_rt24.David Runge
2019-07-23PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.59_rt23. Including all current linux-lts patches ...David Runge
2019-06-18PKGBUILD: Adding bcache_fix.patch to circumenvent bcache related filesystem c...David Runge
2019-06-17PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.50_rt22. Generating config with gcc 8.3.0.David Runge
2019-06-06PKGBUILD: Upgrading to 4.19.37_rt20. Minor style fixes.David Runge
2019-05-08bump to 4.19.37_rt19-1Joakim Hernberg