AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-12👌 IMPROVE: Provide the Linux fsync packageDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-02👌 IMPROVE: Add to providesDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-01👌 IMPROVE: Allow building without all modulesDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-01🚀 RELEASE: Refactor PKGBUILDDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-30🚀 RELEASE: Refactor PKGBUILDDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-28🐛 FIX: Correct tools used in the headers MakefileDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-28🐛 FIX: Fix module building for out-of-tree modulesDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-27🚀 RELEASE: Bump versionDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-27🐛 FIX: Fix installed directoriesDiab Neiroukh
2020-04-27🐛 FIX: Fix image buildingDiab Neiroukh