AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-21Bah, forgot SRCINFO again.Julia DeMille
2021-12-21Fixing single quotes.Julia DeMille
2021-12-21Removing git from dependencies, changing package download URL to be based on ...Julia DeMille
2021-12-20Forgot to update SRCINFO.Julia DeMille
2021-12-20Changed to be release instead of Git, will make linvst-git package.Julia DeMille
2021-12-20Updated to hopefully work properly, first update in about a year.Julia DeMille
2020-12-05updateDavid Otto
2020-07-27add licenseDavid Otto
2020-04-27Fix PKGBUILD: makefile was renamedDavid Otto
2020-03-11updateDavid Otto