AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-05desktop file adds system glib's to envAriel Lieberman
2018-10-05fix matlab.desktopAriel Lieberman
2018-10-05Upgrade to 9.5.0 (R2018b)Ariel Lieberman
2017-03-31Fix comments.Michael R. Shannon
2017-03-31Patch from gcc-4.7 to gcc-4.9.Michael R. Shannon
2017-03-31Fix compiler version and .SRCINFO.Michael R. Shannon
2017-03-30Update to MATLAB R2017a.Michael R. Shannon
2017-01-04Add installation of MATLAB_JAVA environment vars.Michael R. Shannon
2017-01-04Release 1 of matlab-support for MATLAB R2016b.Michael R. Shannon