AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-01Set java-runtime to accept Java 9Christophe Robin
2017-11-30Use java-runtime=8Christophe Robin
2017-11-30Change java-runtime to JDK8, force binary to use itChristophe Robin
2017-01-30Added force update mechanism to cope with old launchersChristophe Robin
2016-09-12Update packageChristophe Robin
2015-06-16Add .SRCINFO and update .gitignoreChristophe Robin
2015-06-16Updated license and fixes for minecraft packageChristophe Robin
2015-06-16Fix dependenciesChristophe Robin
2015-06-16Updated icon and removed null redirectChristophe Robin
2015-06-16First CommitChristophe Robin