AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-13Trigger rebuild for Python 3.10Florian Maunier
2021-02-23Upgrading to upstream v4.1.1Florian Maunier
2020-12-08Upgrade to 4.1.0Florian Maunier
2020-12-02bump pkgrel to force rebuild with python3.9Florian Maunier
2020-01-22Update to 4.0.1Florian Maunier
2017-06-08Update to 3.1.0Alexandre Petitjean
2016-02-17Update to 3.0.0Alexandre Petitjean
2016-02-15Update to 2.3.1Alexandre Petitjean
2016-02-06Update to 2.3.0Alexandre Petitjean
2015-11-16Update 2.2.0Alexandre Petitjean