AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-08-13Remove "conflicts" variable in PKGBUILDTércio Martins
2021-04-23Change "natron" to a metapackage (the program was moved to the "natron-compos...Tércio Martins
2020-06-23Update to version 2.3.15Tércio Martins
2020-05-08Update to version 2.3.15_rc20Tércio Martins
2020-04-13Update to version 2.3.15_rc19Tércio Martins
2020-02-23Update to version 2.3.15_rc16Tércio Martins
2020-01-31Update to version 2.3.15_rc15Tércio Martins
2020-01-10Update to version 2.3.15_rc13Tércio Martins
2020-01-01Update to version 2.3.15_rc12Tércio Martins
2019-10-05Fixes in the .SRCINFO fileTércio Martins