AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-24Bump to 2.3.3Konstantin Shalygin
2017-07-31Another workaround for build from tar.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-07-29Bump to 2.3.2Konstantin Shalygin
2017-03-25Bump to 2.3.1Konstantin Shalygin
2017-03-07Bump to 2.3.0Konstantin Shalygin
2017-03-05Add git to makedeps.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-02-08Fix from mentions: 'I can confirm this error and the -p flag fixing it.'Konstantin Shalygin
2017-01-17Move kio to optdeps.Konstantin Shalygin
2016-12-14Change dependency by mentions.Konstantin Shalygin
2016-10-02Bump to 2.2.4Konstantin Shalygin