AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-26Forgot to update SRCINFOMatthew Gamble
2022-01-26Bump pkgrel for python3.10 rebuild, other cleanupMatthew Gamble
2020-12-02Bump for python3.9 rebuildMatthew Gamble
2019-11-17Forgot to update SRCINFO fileMatthew Gamble
2019-11-17Bump for python3.8 rebuildMatthew Gamble
2019-01-06Rebuild for python3.7Matthew Gamble
2017-01-15Update to latest versionMatthew Gamble
2017-01-07Bump pkgrel for python3.6 rebuildMatthew Gamble
2016-12-30Initial commit of v1.0.0 of nspawn-toolsMatthew Gamble