AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-09literally the only change was to a makefile VERSION :|Joel Shapiro
2019-09-05Merge pull request #1 from jshap70/update-2.2.1Joel Shapiro
2019-09-052.2.1Kien Dang
2019-08-16actually bump ver, tools version is eroneousJoel Shapiro
2019-08-16uppdate, remove nvidia-container-runtime-hook dep, add licence, add note abou...Joel Shapiro
2018-06-07Fix incorrect permissionsIvan Semkin
2018-06-07Bump pkgrelIvan Semkin
2018-06-07Install from source instead of using an RPM packageIvan Semkin
2018-05-23Update to 2.0.3Ivan Semkin
2017-03-04update to v1.0.1Marcel Huber