AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-19- updated to version 0.3.8revel
2019-12-30- updated to version 0.3.0arevel
2019-08-30- updated version to 0.2.8revel
2019-08-20- updated to version 0.2.7revel
2019-08-19- updated version to 0.2.6revel
2018-11-19- updated source files (previous ones are no longer available)revel
2017-06-20- updated to version 0.2.2.r578revel
2017-03-21- updated to 0.2.2.r571revel
2015-08-13- added 'net-tools' to dependency list (thanks to MagnusW)revel
2015-06-21Initial importrevel