AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursupdate location of extramodules and kernel version determinationJohannes Lange
11 daysUpdate to 1.8.4Michael Lass
2019-09-16Update to 1.8.4pre2Michael Lass
2019-04-30Update to 1.8.3Michael Lass
2019-02-20Prepare for Linux 5.0Michael Lass
2018-12-21Prepare for Linux 4.20Michael Lass
2018-09-12Update to 1.8.2Michael Lass
2018-08-14Add patch for Linux 4.18Michael Lass
2018-07-30Update to 1.8.1Michael Lass
2018-04-13Handle pkgdir or srcdir with spacesMichael Lass