AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-30Update to 201710 with a patch for glibc 2.26+ compatibility.Ido Rosen
2016-11-09openonload: update to 201606-u1Ido Rosen
2016-08-15Updated openonload patch from Solarflare.Ido Rosen
2016-08-15Add patch for ia32_sys_call_table error.Ido Rosen
2016-08-11Forgot to mksrcinfo.Ido Rosen
2016-08-11Add workaround to GCC bug #72785.Ido Rosen
2016-06-30openonload -> 201606Ido Rosen
2015-10-14Updated srcinfoIdo Rosen
2015-10-09openonload -> 201509Ido Rosen
2015-06-20bump versionIdo Rosen