AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-15Switching to dev branchBrenton Horne
2020-01-27Bumping to 365.git.c7fb9feBrenton Horne
2020-01-24Bumping to 364.git.6eca454Brenton Horne
2020-01-24Bump to 363.git.7be3580; error is fixedBrenton Horne
2020-01-23Reverting versionsBrenton Horne
2020-01-23Bumping to 340Brenton Horne
2019-03-28Fixing URLBrenton Horne
2019-03-28Mv make ver to build so upd pkgver is usedBrenton Horne
2019-03-24Minor fixes, so that SRCINFO can be updatedBrenton Horne
2019-03-23Adjusting make ver lineBrenton Horne