AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-30Removal of "xorg-font-utils" transitional packageJesús Castro
2020-04-01pkgbuild: using sha512 sumsJesús Castro
2020-02-22pkgrel: update version numberJesús Castro
2020-02-22PKGBUILD: update checksumsJesús Castro
2017-09-29upd: added epoch due to little mess about versionsJesús Castro
2017-09-29upd: Sources updated, added the md5sumsJesús Castro
2017-06-27minor fix, using makepkgJesús Castro
2017-06-27forgot to makepkg -g >> PKGBUILDJesús Castro
2017-06-27update license, SHA sumsJesús Castro
2017-06-18minor fixJesús Castro