AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hoursUpdated to 31.4.1WorMzy Tykashi
44 hoursSync with upstream-recommended settingsWorMzy Tykashi
8 daysUpdated to 31.4.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-11-01Updated to 31.3.1WorMzy Tykashi
2022-10-22Change commit link to tags URL, since "Releases" is stagnantWorMzy Tykashi
2022-10-20Fix git submodule update [git-2.38.1|CVE-2022-39253]WorMzy Tykashi
2022-09-28Updated to Tykashi
2022-09-27Updated to 31.3.0WorMzy Tykashi
2022-08-03Updated to Tykashi
2022-07-07Updated to 31.1.1WorMzy Tykashi