AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-11rely on pantheon-session; reduce optdependsQue Quotion
2021-08-20conflict with the old package rather than replace; replaces() doesn't really ...Que Quotion
2021-08-19pantheon-qq-common: replace pantheon-workarounds with a more simple, qq-speci...Que Quotion
2021-08-01Add pantheon-dock and pantheon-settings-daemon dependenciesQue Quotion
2021-04-17Update for new granite release (6-64), depend on libwingpanel 3.0Que Quotion
2020-10-11Update csd autostarts: skip screensaver and xrandr; skip existing pantheon filesQue Quotion
2020-09-28typo: .soQue Quotion
2020-09-28Update package sumsQue Quotion
2020-09-28Modernize depends(), optdepends(), and provides()Que Quotion
2020-03-24Provide more dotfiles: .xprofile and a gschema overrideQue Quotion